About Us


With a wealth of experience dating back to the early 70’s we are continually evolving and providing innovative solutions for even the most complex concrete structures.

Established in 1991, Raptic has grown to be one of the largest and most successful Concrete Frame Contractors in the UK and Ireland, we have at our disposal the largest stock of formwork in the country allowing us to work on large projects for a long list of impressive clients. We now have the reach, resources and capabilities to undertake projects from £100,000 to £100m.

Now the formwork subcontractor of choice for the largest contractors in the country, we don’t forget our humble beginnings and although we specialise in RC Frame construction, we can provide estimates for all types of concrete sub and superstructures from retaining walls to agricultural tanks.

Our desire to develop and improve the methods and techniques we use means that we are continuously investing in research and development. Our aim is simple, we want to produce the best quality, at the best cost, in the best time making us the best in the business

At Raptic Health & Safety is our number one priority! We understand the huge importance of onsite safety for not only our own employees but for everyone else on and around our sites, that’s why we place such high emphasis on training, testing and inspections of not only our staff but our equipment too. We are also fully committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact which has earned us an invaluable reputation over the years.